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Did you know there were book trailers? I’m a reading beast and I didn’t. Of course, maybe that’s the problem, since I guess trailers tend to be on television.

I’ve learned about them recently thanks to the LA Public Transit system. The newer buses have TV screens in them, and most of the time it’s news, get-out-of-debt commercials, commercials in Spanish for fast food (“injection marinated” chicken? Is that good?), and commercials for Spanish telenovelas. To be honest, I have considered learning Spanish more than once mainly so I could watch telenovelas. So imagine my delight when this come on the Transit TV today as the 761 is headed down the Sepulveda Pass:

HELL YEAH. Apparently shot by a high school film class, there’s a lovely lady! A “dashing” gentleman! Some European city, or maybe a couple of them! Making out in front of a Monet painting with a bomb behind it! Some sort of technological threat, as evidenced by the “scrambled” TRUST NO ONE message! People hitting other people with frying pans! Check out the sweet ninja action at 1:11, by the way.

And don’t worry, I have no intention of reading the book. Obviously that would ruin everything.

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