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Around the time that I began to receive “messages” signed with my friends’ names, telling me that I HAVE to try the Ice Cream Personality Quiz, I realized that Facebook had gone around the bend. I’ve since gotten used to a steady stream of spam making its way to my Facebook account. I found this frustrating for a while, until I realized that a healthy chunk of my Facebook inbox was coming directly from my friend Ben, who really wanted to play this zombies vs. cowboys game.

However, some new scheme seems to have started up recently, which extends beyond ads. I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ve received several friend requests from people who clearly don’t exist.

Here’s what happens: I get a friend request from someone with an unfamiliar name and a suspiciously revealing profile photo. (Here’s a hint – most real people I know don’t pose in bathing suits on beds in their internet avatars. Most real people I know make a stupid face while half-heartedly trying to hide a beer in their internet avatars. Or look sad in black and white.)

But the real magic is in the profile. Here’s the text that has appears in the “About Me” section of more than one of these profiles:

I might have a bit of a confidence problem. love people especially those with a good sense of humor. my favorite quote is gentle,guytype – it really speaks to me!

Nothing too special – just some boilerplate random spam text. But, just to make it all seem appropriately Facebook-y, the following appears:

if you’ve never read The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald you should go pick up a copy – it is great! I am a ripe little peach ready for plucking.

That’s right. I’ve received several friend requests from people who recommend The Great Gatsby, and are ready for plucking. For sheer entertainment value, I’d say that those two sentences have earned this spam a star.

False People on Facebook: ★☆☆☆☆

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